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Great Demo Singers can Sell Your Song

It is very important to have a great rapper or vocalist for your song demos.  A professional demo vocal performer knows exactly how to sell a song and the idea for a great first impression. AVENUEAR demo vocalists have all been hand selected by our A&R teams and experts in the business. Our vocal performers are also clients of AVENUEAR and have been chosen to be featured on the platform. They have submitted music to us and have been asked to be available for hire. All vocalists fully understand the process of recording, working with lyrics, harmony and emotional delivery that speaks to the audience. 

All AVENUEAR demo singers below are available for work and can greatly improve your chances of getting your song placed.

Important terms and conditions with respect to copyright and use of a singers vocals.

Demo singers are work for hire through AVENUEAR. Vocals can only be used as a demo for pitching purposes and not as a song for sale on any streaming platform. You may use the copyright for demo purposes such as youtube, social media and more. You just can't sell the song as a download. In the event that the song gets placed you have no attachment to the demo singer and they can't make a claim against you. You have paid for the product as a work for hire and you own all masters. 

AVENUEAR and its demo singers are not entitled to any royalties regarding your song and you own all rights fto the material that is you paid for.


Rapper/vocalist Bingx was born Chanler Hendrickson in Seattle in 1990. He grew up enamored with both the lyrical gymnastics of hip-hop and the raw emotion of grunge, and worked both influences into his music, taking cues from artists ranging from 50 Cent to Third Eye Blind. 

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