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Demo song submissions

What to know about demo song submissions and a list of major record labels that don't accept unsolicited material. 

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Don't let this intimidate you or your music career. It is 100% true that these record labels below don't accept unsolicited music submissions. However, you can still get submissions to them, and the A&R managers. 


Major record labels are actively looking for 3 things. A great song, unique artist, and a good story.

They just can't seem to turn these three things down. Most importantly, major record labels and publishers like to see that you have done something to help make yourself known.


This can be on a very small scale like the city that you live in. This is the perfect place to start. If you can get your song to go viral in one small town, they can make it huge in many small towns.


TikTok is a perfect place to get started. 

AVENUEAR is here to help you bypass the many steps. You can directly submit your material to major A&R managers and executives on the platform.


Should you have to pay for this? Absolutely not!


However, AVENUEAR has created a unique song submission website that enables independent musicians such as artists, writers, and producers the ability to connect directly with our teams personal and business contacts.


Our A&R managers and executives on AVENUEAR's music submission website are contractual with AVENUEAR. This means that we have a signed agreement with the A&R manager or executive that is guaranteed to evaluate any, and all material that is submitted to them via AVENUEAR.


AVENUEAR offers free music submissions to any user that wants to submit music to A&R.

In addition, AVENUEAR offers a FEE based submission process that delivers demo songs directly to our A&R managers CRM inbox and much more.


Why does AVENUEAR charge for a submission? 

AVENUEAR charges for a direct CRM inbox submission to the chosen A&R manager or executive similar to shipping a package via UPS, FEDEX, or United States Postal Service. 

Our platform requires maintaining of servers, security and management. All of this for the sole purpose of bridging the gap between unsigned artists and record label executives. We connect and deliver your material to the music executive of choice. 

When a user purchases a pro account and submits a demo song to an executive there is a cost for the delivery.

How does an executive or manager evaluate so many songs in a day?

When our executives sign up as a recipient to evaluate music we issue them, and their team a login for the entire label. Every A&R manager or executive has a list of team members that works them. They report daily on the music that they are discovering, show stats and contact information. It is actually much harder to reach their team members than it is to reach them directly. We offer the AVENUEAR Music CRM to all of the labels we work with.


What is a Music CRM?

A Music CRM is a customer relationship management system which a music professional administers and interacts with musicians, typically using music and data analysis to study large amounts of information. We have created the first tool that offers A&R managers, record labels, publishers, music supervisors, curators, producers, and influencers the ability to accept, manage and share music.

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