Could I really get a record, publishing, or production deal?

Yes! If the executive you submitted your material to becomes engaged with your artistry, writing or production He, or She, has the authority to contact you directly. In some cases, our executives may have a member of their team reach out to offer you a deal on their behalf. On AVENUEAR, we have no rights to the ownership of your material, or you, as an individual. Any, and all dealings would be between you and the executive that contacted you directly. AVENUEAR primarily focuses on its digital delivery system that connects artists with top tier music executives globally. Our executives have signed world renowned artists and could take your music career to the next level. If you secure a deal with an executive, we only ask that you let us know about it so that we can congratulate you by featuring your success on our website.

Are the A&R executives on avenuear real and contractual?

Yes , we are contractual with all of the AVENUEAR executives. We vet every executive on the platform and train them how to best use the system to maximize opportunities. Our algorithms are designed to help AVENUEAR executives expedite the delivery process, and assist in helping them make sound discoveries. All AVENUEAR executives have a user ID and password allowing them to login, and review new submissions 24 hours a day. We don't send your material to them via email, they live on the Ave!

How can I submit a music video to record labels or music publishers?

Yes, currently we only allow YouTube videos for submissions however, we are working with other streaming and hosting providers such as Vimeo, Vevo , Tiktok, and Instagram for your future experiences.

What A&R or record label should i submit music to?

Please make sure that you research all of the A&R executives on AVENUEAR. Submit music to A&R or record labels is easy to do on AVENUEAR If you submit a country tune to a hip hop A&R, publisher, or manager than the chances are that they will pass on it. We don't want anyone to waste time or money. You can click here to see bios.

If I submit music to A&R is it protected from labels stealing it?

AVENUEAR always protects your material the best we possibly can. You own your material, not us, or anyone else. We have secure servers and agreements with our executives in place. We don't just allow any music executive on our platform. We hand pick the best of the best in the industry with amazing reputations. If you are concerned with submitting music because you think your material will get stolen, then you should immediately pull all of your music offline with the DSP's and distribution companies. Your song's music and lyrics are protected by copyright as soon as you record them, even if it's just a rough recording on your cell phone. However, to get the full benefit of copyright protection, including the right to sue people for infringing on your copyright, you must register it with the U.S. Copyright Office. You should always copyright your material with the library of congress to protect your works.

What should I do if an A&R from a record label contacts me?

If any AVENUEAR executives contacts you please respond immediately.

In the event that they are reaching out to you via email or by mobile phone this means you have really caught their attention. They may contact you for many reasons. An executive may be trying to license your song for an artist that is already signed to them. If this happens you are in great shape! Most writers are more financially successful than performing artist.

Most A-list artists do not write their own material.

What if I get an offer from a record label, publisher or music supervisor?

If you get an offer from a Record label A&R executive on AVENUEAR please make sure to hire a music lawyer immediately. Additionally, please let our PR team know asap so we can publicize your success. If you need help finding an attorney contact us and we can try and help you.

What should I know about the music industry in order to make music a career?

As a new, or even semi-established musician you need to know the music business can be taxing on your emotions. You need to accept corrective criticism and still never give up. This is not a part-time career, it requires your full attention. One executive may rate your material low while another executive may be in love with your tune. Madonna, U2 and many others have been passed on by executives while another executive saw the vision. Sometimes A&R executives from major record labels and publishers are looking for the vision and not just the music.

What happens when I get a 4-5 rating from an executive? 

When you receive a 4-5 rating you will instantly trend on the A&R Insider. The A&R Insider is our internal system that allows every executive on our platform to see you, and discover your music material.  

Can I book a 1 on 1 with an executive to ask questions?

Over the next few months AVENUEAR will be opening 1 on 1's with our talent. Some will be fee-based and others may be free. Additionally, we are adding several A-list artists on the platform that are looking for new material, artists, writers, and producers.  Only AVENUEAR users will have exclusive access to our A-list musicians. If you're looking for a feature from one of our AVENUEAR celebrities you're at the right place.  

How can I become an AVENUEAR executive or celebrity?

Please click here

Can I cancel my account and how should I do it?

Yes, you may cancel your account at anytime by logging on to your account and  You can log on to your account, click the submenu and click billing. In there, you have a button saying

cancel my account.

After you click the button, please follow the steps to properly cancel your account. There is no need to try and call us you have full control. However, if you have submitted material to an AVENUEAR executive you may not want to do this. Once you have canceled your account you have no open way of communicating with the executive you have submitted to. As an example; if you have submitted material and receive a 4-5 rating you will be trending on the A&R Insider. This means your music is now available to ALL AVENUEAR executives for review, and no additional delivery fee. If you cancel, and one of our execs are trying to reach you, they won't have access to your contact info any longer.