Once you have signed up and created your demo submission profile,  you will be asked to upload a high resolution promo picture for our executives. This puts a face to your name.


Search the AVENUEAR database for the executive that best fits your music.


Pick your delivery time and submit. 

Once our executives have received your material, please allow them 14-45 business days to review and complete a full evaluation. 


AVENUEAR has spent years building a system that bridges the gap, allowing independent musicians full access to professionals in the industry. Please be patient with your submission, as our executives are top-tier from real labels, and this means their submission load is serious. 


Until now, most independent musicians worldwide have only had the opportunity to use DSP's and buy fake followers to try and get the labels' attention.

Now you have access!


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When an executive logs into AVENUEAR this is what they see. They come to their main dashboard and check the daily submissions.

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Below you will see that Rodney Jerkins has 789 submissions for the day. Our system delivers same day deliveries first and then 10 day & 14 day. Each executive on the platform is fully contractual with AVENUEAR and gives a minimum of a 30 second evaluation. In the event that  you have caught their attention they will save you in their favorites. When an executive saves an artist, writer, or producer this means they are highly interested in you, and your material. In most cases music executives like to share what they have heard with their internal team prior to reaching out. 

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Each executive has their own private favorites folder enabling them to really spend the time they need to make a good decision. AVENUEAR has a unique activity algorithm that keeps up with their every move. In other words, anytime an executive clicks play, saves, rates, and  shares, we record the activity in order to position you, and your material inside the A&R Insider. This allows every executive on the platform access to the activity of you, and your  

music. Once you receive a 4-5 from any executive on AVENUEAR you will be trending internally for all executives to hear you. Keep in mind that not all executives operate in the same manner. They may rate a 1-3 to make sure you don't make it into the A&R Insider for other executives to see. This means that they want you all for themselves and don't want other executives on the platform to know you exist. Make sure you submit your material to all executives that you think may be interested in you.

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Your personal contact information is always available to all executives that you submit material to.

Additionally, we have a strategic relationship with chartmetric that delivers full analytics to our executives on the platform.  

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Screen Shot 2021-10-17 at 10.57.48 AM.png

Below you will find exactly what our executives see when they check the A&R Insider/Hitlist.

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In order for an executive to favorite anyone that has not submitted directly to them they must rate a 4-5 to save in their favorites. Every artist, writer, and producer that gets activity from the A&R Insider receives an immediate alert. We highly recommend that you submit different material directly to the executive that saved you.

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AVENUEAR has created a proprietary evaluation rating system that suggests who is the daily hot 20 on the platform.

Ultimately, this empowers the best talent on AVENUEAR

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