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The Art behind attracting a major record company & how to make music.

"According to Google, the way to attract a major record label is to 

write a great bio, do your research, be relevant, think like a label, send it out, Submit a Demo to Blue Label Records. (Who is Blue Label records)


First things first: make sure your brand is properly and professionally represented online. ... 

Prepare Your Tunes. Remember about producing and delivering good quality. ... "

What you have read above is nothing but an advertisement, and some good search engine optimization. None of this is even remotely correct or true. 


If you are trying to attract a major record label or publisher then we would recommend another strategy.



The very first thing to do is write good music that has a simple story. Keep in mind while writing lyrics you will need a really good melody. The most successful writers always have a melody that is similar to a nursery rhyme.  Take a listen to any billboard hit record and see for yourself. As an example: Flo-rida's biggest hit Low made him worth 30 Million dollars and 47,128,874 views. 


My point is that it works.


If you are capable of producing your own music, then do so. In the event that it's too challenging for you to make a good beat with a melody you may want to try  Rapchat is the easiest way to record and make music. Used by 7+ million musicians around the world.



You may want to hire a professional recording studio or record it yourself at home. 

Many musicians use a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to produce, and record their musical works. Bandlab is the perfect way to get connected and make music. 

Once you have your DAW of choice, you will need to use plugins to make your recording sound professional. I highly recommend WAVES AUDIO. Their plugins are the most professional for sound recordings. If you need a little help with making your voice top notch, try Tune Real Time.


See below: 


Now that you have a song ready like this one, follow the below instructions. 

In order to catch the attention of a major or independent record label you will need to have really good photos of yourself,  or your band.  Nowadays, your mobile phone is totally capable of capturing high resolution photos that are acceptable to use publicly. 

It's time for you to create a professional bio that explains who you are, what you're about, why you chose to do music, what your true passion is, and why you feel you should be a star, in other words your full story. 

Music executives like to sign artists, writers, and producers who have a great story, and can give them a strategy that they can market. 

In my 20 plus years behind the industry, I found that the biggest artists, have big stories. Package yourself like a brand giving a big picture business model. Take the time to study the brands of the world like FUBU. 


FUBU was  created by Daymond John, Jay Alexander Martin,  Keith Perrin, and Carl Brown. Daymond was the visionary because he had the original big picture idea. His vision was to create an apparel line that catered to the hip hop community due to his lack of being able rap, or sing. 


For Us, By Us, means for the community, by the community, or For Hip Hop, By Hip Hop. This still is, and was, an amazing idea! So amazing, that it left a legacy in the world, not just the industry. 

Look at yourself like a brand. You may not have a big story yet, but you will soon. 

Most independent musicians are spending time posting on social media, buying Spotify users/plays, youtube subscribers, tiktok curators, and SEO. This only works if you're trying to appear bigger than you currently are. Why would you want to do this? It won't attract anyone! Actually, if a label executive found you this way, they would first reverse engineer your wannabe strategy, and then, black list you for blowing smoke up their skirt. 

Why don't you try getting the attention of a label executive by creating great music, telling a unique story, and keeping it transparent. Trust me on this one, most of my friends and colleagues are entertainment executives. We appreciate good music and integrity. Imagine if you met a stranger that painted a false picture of themselves and was asking you to make an investment into them. Would you do it? Nope!

If you would like to be a wannabe musician you can click this link and get started.  ​