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Submit music to record labels 

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How To Get A Record Deal

How to submit your music to a record label.


For decades the music industry has always been a volatile, and ever changing game, that can seem scary to musicians who are barely starting out. While getting signed to a label isn't the only way to make a living off music nowadays, it is, however, a good way to get connected and not have to worry about the messy business side that comes with making music.


But how exactly does an upcoming independent artist get the attention of these big industry labels? labels that have been around for decades and seen it all? 


While there is no straight path in the world of music, these are the most basic and important tips to help you be on your way to getting signed.

Have a Quality Product (Good Music)


While this may seem like a no brainer, it is the most important factor when it comes to getting signed. Make sure you make music that is well written, produced well, and can be easily marketed. Unless you are purposely trying to make your music sound like it's being recorded on an old cassette player, labels will not even consider a song that is not produced well. After all, when it comes down to it, labels are looking for artists that will make their business money. A couple ways to make sure you have a good product;

Work with a Producer


Working with a producer is a great way to ensure your tunes are going to be great from start to finish. Although this can be expensive, you may be able to find a producer who will work for a reduced cost, or even for royalties. Plus, it's always good to have a reliable outside perspective that can give constructive criticism.


Get your Music Mixed and Mastered 


Many artists don't feel like this is important when it comes to making music, especially when it comes to mastering. Although “good music” is subjective, there are still many standards that songs must follow, especially if you want your music on Spotify or on the radio. Mixing and Mastering is a good way to ensure your music sounds great, is up to standard, and is like the cherry on top of a sundae.


Create an Online Presence


Creating an online presence shows labels that you’ve been around, have a following, and that your project is easy to find.


Social Media

Having a good active social media presence is something labels will definitely look at. They want to see how much of a following an Artist has, and how they interact with their fans. A label will not want to send someone on tour that doesn't even have a local following. Plus, it shows the label that you are engaged with your fans and that you actually have experience doing shows. 


Have a Website

A website is a vital part of an artists’ image. It's a great place for labels to go and find all of your information at once. Make sure it looks professional and has a layout that is easy to follow. Using platforms like Wix or Squarespace is a good way to start when building a website.


Post Videos on YouTube and TikTok

An easy way to reach a large audience is through videos. Viral videos, especially on Tik Tok, have increased in popularity over the years. Music videos are a gold mine for views and a great way for people to engage with your music.


Make Sure Your Music is On Streaming Platforms

Having your music on platforms like Spotify, Bandcamp, Tidal, and SoundCloud is very important. How else will labels listen to your music?


Build a Solid Press Kit

The press kit is like an artists’ resume or portfolio, it's the first impression and is important when trying to show the world who you are. They contain information like articles, songs, artist bios, and any big shows an artist might have done. Websites like Canva are free and have many different templates to choose from.


Do Research


Find out who's managing your favorite artists, and what labels are in the scene that you are interested in. It becomes pointless when a rock band tries to get the attention of a label that solely signs rap artists. Some labels even have ways of submitting music on their websites. Find out what labels are interested in receiving new music and what labels won't even listen to what you send.


Use Avenue AR

Avenue AR connects you with real life industry professionals that are interested in seeing what's out there. Avenue AR will show your music to artist representatives, across all genres, that have been building connections in the music industry for many years. They will even provide feedback, and tell you what labels are looking for when signing a new artist. This is a great opportunity for artists that have a product that's ready to be shown off.

1.   Submit your music to A&R and record label executives on 

2. Make sure that the music you are submitting is produced well, has great writing, and sounds completed... Today the music business has more competitive than ever before so make sure your demo is presentable...

3. Build a fan base on TikTok, and Spotify using playlists like TikTok unsigned or AvenueAR...

4. Be sure to have you music distributed properly through SoundOn powered by TikTok...

5. Publish your music video on Youtube and grow your channel by sharing your links to all of your contacts, subscribers and followers...​

What you have read above is nothing but an advertisement, and some good search engine optimization. None of this is even remotely correct or true. 


If you are trying to attract a major record label or publisher then we would recommend another strategy.



The very first thing to do is write good music that has a simple story. Keep in mind while writing lyrics you will need a really good melody. The most successful writers always have a melody that is similar to a nursery rhyme.  Take a listen to any billboard hit record and see for yourself. As an example: Flo-rida's biggest hit Low made him worth 30 Million dollars and 47,128,874 views. 


My point is that it works.


If you are capable of producing your own music, then do so. In the event that it's too challenging for you to make a good beat with a melody you may want to try  Rapchat is the easiest way to record and make music. Used by 7+ million musicians around the world.