AVENUEAR is discovery platform for Artist and Repertoire (A&R), Record Labels, Radio Program Directors, Music Executives, Celebrity Artists, Curators, and more. 


So, what exactly is AvenueAR? Why you should care!


AVENUEAR is a music technology company that launched Aug. 18 2021 founded by

Jay Leopardi, Michael Colton, and Destiny “Rethwill” Leopardi to empower independent artists, songwriters, and producers to strike deals with major label and record company executives. The company provides independent musicians with opportunities, connections, education, and fellowship. AVENUEAR is a platform for Artist, Writers, Producers, to submit their music works to A&R executives at major record labels who have been at the forefront of identifying the next big artist. This innovative approach has led to the success of a number of artists around the world. We are artists helping artists helping themselves. 


AVENUEAR has many amenities for Indie Artists. We offer a 3 tiered membership plan.

3 programs to fit 3 different phases of an Artist's career 


3 Month Free


Plan. Users have a free submission program that is there to help the artist that is truly starving and can’t find the funds to a pro program. (You should still be very serious about your craft and ready to be pulled up to work if chosen.) If you are not ready to make music your livelihood please don’t use our platform. Artists can submit their music to the AVE and they will pitch their top pics to an executive within their platform. Due to the amount of songs submitted we do not guarantee a response from our A&R if a song is passed on. If you would like a guaranteed submission with a response users would need to pick one of the pro plans. The pro plans are for the artists confident enough to back their passion with action.  

Gold Plan

3 month prepaid plan that for 149.99


Live Zoom sessions with industry professionals monthly

10 x Spotify playlist submissions monthly

3 x Artists Direct to A&R executive submissions monthly

Email support


Platinum Plan 

3 month prepaid plan for 239.97


Live Zoom sessions with industry professionals monthly

Unlimited Spotify playlist submissions monthly

5 x Artists Direct to A&R executive submissions monthly

Media Exposure

Unlimited music cloud storage

Sponsor discounted merch

Street Smart Zoom Meetings


AVENUEAR hosts Street Smart Zoom Meetings with members of the site on a monthly basis. Street Smart Zooms have an executive from the platform, an industry head (everything from Legal, Label, PR, Accounting, Tax, etc,) Founders, CTO, and guests. The Meetings cover many topics. It’s an open forum meeting with Q&A from users to industry executives. We prefer to give our users a human FAQ session so they truly understand our passion and mission to help each one of our users. 

Education and services


AVENUEAR provides a wealth of music blog articles, free resources, industry strategies and helps an artist navigate the ever changing landscape of the entertainment industry. When you become part of the AVENUEAR Family you are stepping into an ecosystem of self-empowerment.  AVENUEAR powers many businesses that all have a common goal. Helping our users to achieve their goals.


Businesses powered by AVENUEAR:



Solow Beats



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